Top 5 Android and Bada apps to help you ace examination

We look at some of the best applications for students on Samsung handsets.

With March just around the corner, this means just one thing for the students – exams. To combat the examination blues, Samsung has introduced five selected applications for the students. These apps can be downloaded on both Bada OS and Android-based smartphones.

Periodic Table

The Periodic Table app helps you understand and memorize the properties of the elements, quickly and simply. Listed in a tabular form, the atomic weight, mass, and atomic number of the elements are  recorded in order of increasing atomic number while the rows are arranged such that the elements with same properties fall under the same group of family.

Geometry Solver 3D

This Bada OS enabled app aids in simplifying and calculating analytic problems. The app is able to calculate majority of basic problems including addition of points, vectors, lines and surfaces. You can also use the app to calculate intersections, angles and distances among others.

A free app, delivers content from and which includes nearly 1,000,000 words and definitions and 90,000 synonyms and antonyms.

French for Dummies

If french happens to be a part of your curriculum, Samsung has an app for that as well. This app helps you master French and brush up your skills. Constituting of flashcards and audio playback, a English-French mini-dictionary, learning French could not get any easier.

English to German

This cool English to German dictionary app helps you with translations and makes German learning more fun. Simply type the word your are looking for and get a translation instantly.