Optimum use of Tango not possible on 256MB RAM phones

Though the world is waiting with baited breath for Nokia to bring Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS to low-end devices with Tango, all may not be hunky-dory in the development. Testing Microsoft’s newest system update on a budget device has revealed some restrictions for Tango on a RAM of 256MB.

GSMarena found that the guys over at the Russian website WP7forum tested Tango on HTC Mazaa, a development phone, and were not thrilled by what they saw. Though the OS has been designed to work on low-end phones with a RAM of only 256MB, all of its apps will not be supported on such low specs. 

Third party Live Tiles on these budget phones will not be updated automatically either. Tango on lower end phones will not be able to play video over 4Mbps, whether it’s stored on the phone or is being streamed. Users will not be able to manage podcasts on the handsets, neither will they be able to upload snaps to SkyDrive automatically.

Despite these drawbacks, Tango has a lot to offer, especially to those looking to move from a feature phone to a smartphone without emptying their pockets to do so. The OS promises ease of use and convenience to its users.  

With Tango, users will be able to load pictures, videos and files onto a single MMS and will also be able to import contacts from their SIM cards. Many new apps will be introduced in Tango and apps will be updated automatically. Folders on the home screen will make Tango devices neat and clutter free. Media controls will be simplified on Tango too.

Microsoft is expected to unveil Tango in all its glory and put all doubts to rest at the end of the month at the MWC in Barcelona. Stay tuned to KYMI as we bring you breaking Tango news as it happens!