Nokia Lumia 610 and Lumia 900 (global) pictures leak

We’ve heard a lot about Nokia’s Lumia 610 and global version of the Lumia 900 which were said to break cover during MWC. And last night, Pocketnow was able to access some (alleged) images of the Lumia 610 and the Lumia 900 (global) beforehand.

Well, it seems like Nokia will be taking the wraps off the two smartphones along with the N8 successor (Nokia 808 Pureview) next week. The Lumia 610 as we know is a low end Windows Phone device, targeted towards the low end market segment. If reports are to be believed, the handset could be priced under the Rs. 10,000 range.

The images do no shed light on the specs of the device but merely tell us what to expect. As of now, we know that the Lumia 610 could feature a 3.2 inch low res display, a 3MP camera (contrary to the previous reports of a 5MP sensor) and 8GB of built in storage. The Lumia 900 however is seen without the ATT branding on top, which makes the global version more plausible.But it could easily be photo shopped, so we’re not taking it seriously until we have some more hard evidence.

We don’t expect it to be different from the ATT version, besides the exclusion of the LTE chip. The Lumia 610 is said to be made available in four colors as the image above indicates, while the Lumia 900 is said to be made available in three colors. Hopefully, we’ll have more information about these devices by next week.