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new movie muthal idamMudhal Idam, is old wine in new bottle. There was huge expectation from the film due to banner value and being Mynaa hero Vidharthi’s second film. However, a hackneyed storyline and drab presentation makes it a drag. Mudhal Idam Movie Online  coming soon –

Muthal Idam

The story revolves around Mahesh (Vidharth), a local rowdy in Thanjavur who wants to become the No. 1 rowdy with his name topping the list of wanted criminals in the police station!! With such an aim in mind, he conducts most of his beating up and threatening activities, which are frowned upon by his loving but poor idli -seller mother.

Movie: Mudhal Idam
Director: R Kumaran
Producer: M Saravanan, MS GuhanM Saravanan, MS Guhan
Music: D Imman
Cast: Vidyarthi, Kavitha Nair, Kishore, Ilavarsan, Appukutty, Mayilsamy

He meets Mythili ( Kavitha Nair), who is the school going daughter of a bus conductor (Ilavarasan). The duo fall in love much against the will of the father who doesn’t want a rowdy as his son-in-law. But the duo is determined to go ahead, despite the fact that he has no way of looking after the girl.

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More info: AVM Productions has launched its 175th film! Titled Mudhal Idam, the film will be produced by AVM Saravanan and MS Guhan and directed by R Kumaran. Myna fame Viddarth and Kavitha Nair play the lead roles in this film. Keerthi Chawla will appear in a song in which she will shake a leg with Viddarth. Veeramanidasan and Poovitha, who had acted in Myna, have sung a song Uyya Uyya. D Imman is the music director of Mudhal Idam and has scored six songs.

This film’s star cast includes Mano Bala, Kishore, Ponnambalam, Appukutty, Ilavarasu, and Thirumurugan
In this scenario, enters Karuppa Balu ( Kishore) who is the No.1 rowdy in the police station board on display and has just returned from jail. Thanks to a series of events involving local chamber president who has his own axe to grind, Mahesh gets drawn into the plot and is finally hired to kill Balu. He agrees in order to raise money for his overnight wedding. But he has a change of heart when his mother implores him not to take the thali of another woman to finance his own wife’s thali. He agrees, but a series of events lead to a blood-letting climax.

Does he get sucked into the situation and reach his ambition of mudhal idam (No: 1) on the police list ? What happens to Balu and his lover Mythili are questions answered in the climax.

The music of D Imman is adequate while the locales they are shot in are very scenic. But songs creep in from nowhere and some seem similar in concept. Vidharth has shown himself as an all-rounder, with fights, romance and comedy, though there is too much of shouting and raised voices by most characters and an overdose of emotions.

More Info :  AVM’in Sivaji’ & ‘Ayan’ were the biggest grosser of Tamil film industry and now the producers are gearing up with their new project titled ‘Mudhal Idam’. The film is produced by M. Saravanan and M.S. Gugan under the banner of AVM Productions. The film will be directed by debutant R Kumaran featuring ‘Myna’ fame Viddarth and newcomer Kavitha Nair in lead roles. ‘Polladhavan’ fame Kishore, Ilavarasu, ‘Kalavani’ Thirumurugan, ‘Venilla Kabadi Kuzhu’ Appu Kutty, Mayilsamy, Kalai Rani, Manobala, Ponnabalam and others will be taking on prominent characters in this movie. Tags: Mudhal Idam movie online, watch online, free download muthal idam

One scene where a Police officer lets Balu escape an encounter because he admires his courage in coming to surrender to the police, is unbelievable. The heroine is nothing much to write home about. Vidharth and his gang of comical elements are the only comical relief to ease you through. Kishore hasn’t been adequately utilized in the film. There is a lot of bad language which has been beeped out in the film.

The plot is hackneyed and there is nothing new or gripping about rowdy elements wanting to become MLA. The film just does not qualify to be in the race for the first place as the title indicates. Tags: Mudhal Idam movie online, watch online, free download muthal idam